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Thank you for your interest in our family and in our ministry to the Thai people!

We are sent out of our local church of First Baptist in Seymour, Iowa, and are excited to serve our Lord in this way. We trust that this website will be a help to you in knowing more about us and the abundant need in the country of Thailand, as you keep us and the ministry in your prayers.


Get To Know Thailand

Thailand is a place where there is a great need for spiritual truth. The Thai people have seemingly embraced Buddhism as their national religion, with 9 out of every 10 identifying as Buddhist. Those who identify as Christian are very few, only around 1% of Thailand's population. The majority of the people not only refuse the truths taught in God's Word, but also have never even heard of the God of the Bible or of His Son, Jesus Christ.

While Thailand is a very religious country, albeit false religion, that fact has not prohibited them from becoming steeped in sin and immorality. Sexual sins and addictions are all too common in this country.
Our prayer and ambition is to carry the Gospel to this dark country, and see them turn from their false religion and their sin, and turn to Jesus Christ.

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